Here Be Dragons

In Which Sellion Hangs Out On A Boat

13 February, 2016

When we last left the party…

Sellion, Morthis, and Ganthall had embarked on Thalen’s ship with the paperwork they set out to find in Waylock Manor. Aren, Kavar, and Silky Johnson however had been knocked out and were awaiting their fates, unconscious at the mercy of their captors.

Slowly, Aren first returns to wakefulness. He gathers that he, Aren, and Kavar are strapped down to stone tables by metal shackles. Kavar’s in particular seem extremely strong. After a moment of failing to free himself, Silky Johnson wakes and the two of them witness a creatures enter the room with the body of a lion and the face of a man.

The sphinx taunts the three trapped adventurers, his pretentious air calmed by Silky Johnson’s diplomatic singing voice. Kavar rises to the sound of his favorite bard and it quickly becomes clear that now no one else will be able to get a word in edgewise. The arrival of a second sphinx, this time female, only serves to aggravate the situation farther and the male sphinx presses his claws against Kavar’s throat.

Meanwhile Sellion hung out on a boat and had a pirate montage in which he convinced a shrunken Morthis to become his demonic familiar.

Before Kavar can have a tracheotomy performed by the male sphinx, the butler from Waylock Manor enters the room and calls off the beasts. Reluctantly they leave, and the party tries to parlay for their freedom. Silky Johnson very nearly manages to get through to the butler, but Darius Dreadweep’s sense of duty prevails and he leaves them to their fate. Once he leaves a door opens in the wall behind the party and gas begins to fill the room.

Silky Johnson and Aren scramble to pull themselves free while Kavar just rips apart his metal restraints with his teeth. The three of them flee out of the room and into the revealed forested area, where they quickly find their gear waiting for them with a note that simply says: Run. With the sound of an eerie howl behind them, the three adventurers take the advice to heart and bolt farther into the dense foliage.

Meanwhile Sellion’s boat docks in Citin.

What will Sellion find in Citin? Can Kavar, Aren, and Silky Johnson escape the howling monstrosity following them? How will the party reunite after this betrayal? Find out next time on Here Be Dragons!



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