Here Be Dragons

In Which Floss Realizes Elf Privilege Exists

20 February, 2016

When we last left the party…

Sellion had just docked with Thalen’s ship in Citin while the rest of the party found themselves released into a dense, forest-like environment and being chased by some sort of creature. They managed to find their belongings and began running through the forest, fearing for their lives.

Even as Kavar, Silky Johnson, and Aren flee for their lives, Sellion makes his way through Citin in search of a magic store that could offer him a way to bring his party across the bay. On a recommendation from one general shop he finds a dwarf in the midst of argument with another elf. Floss Papadopoulos, elven ranger, introduces himself and reveals he was in search of enchantments for his bow.

Finding no answers forthcoming from the aggressive dwarf for either of their questions, Floss and Sellion head back to the general shop and ask a gnome named Emma where they can find someone who might specialize in teleportation spells. Emma directs them to someone she calls Sobran and the two set off to find him.

Lost in the forest and with their pursuer growing closer Kavar, Silky Johnson, and Aren decide to instead stand and fight the creature. Aren climbs a tree and the other two wait back to back as the beast approaches. Before he can however, Silky Johnson receives a message from Sellion encouraging them to find a teleportation circle. Then the half man, half wolf comes from the brush and a fierce battle rages between the four of them. As their opponent weakens he tries to run, only to be knocked down by a mighty blow from Aren.

As the party swoops in for the kill, a dense mist descends and condenses into an ashen, tall, powerful, dangerous form. The vampiric entity stands guard over the wolf and forces the party to flee through the sheer might of his gaze. Without needing to be told twice, they go, emerging on the beach at the base of the cliff atop which sits Waylock Manor.

Having found Sobran the drow, Sellion and Floss ask him for help reaching their friends. He offers what he can, but magic does not come cheap and the best they can do for the moment is send a message encouraging the others to look for a teleportation circle and have Silky Johnson activate it. That done, they discuss possible enchantments that could be made to Floss’ bow and Sobran mentions the rising racial tensions in his home of Fjorden, which neither Floss nor Sellion will ever truly understand. Their message sent, Floss and Sellion head deeper into Citin.

How will the party reunite? Who really is Floss Papadopoulos? And where is Kobe? Stay tuned for the answer only on Here Be Dragons!



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