Here Be Dragons

In Which The Party Splits

12 December, 2015

When we last left the party…

Kavar and Silky Johnson had been knocked unconscious by an unknown assailant while talking to the butler of Waylock Manor. Morthis, Aren, and Sellion were all still gathered in the attic above the master bedroom, waiting for the coast to be clear so they could come down. Morthis and Aren headed to the trapdoor, starting the process of dropping down quickly and quietly while Sellion took one last sweep of the attic.

Unfortunately, Morthis and Aren didn’t manage the most graceful decent and their bodies hit the floor with a loud thud. Sellion quickly joins them and the three try to leave the bedroom before anyone comes to investigate. Aren heads towards Kavar’s room to check on him, while the other two head farther into the Manor, only to run into a fellow adventurer but the name of Ganthall.

Ganthall, who is only staying in the Manor because his family has strong influence with the city, greets Sellion and Morthis and the three of them decide to continue exploring. There’s one door that Ganthall hasn’t been able to get open, and thanks to Sellion’s lock picking skills finally the mystery is revealed. Inside, it looks like some sort of mad scientist’s laboratory, if a mad scientist were to practice magic.

All manner of instruments and ingredients fill the room. Most of the artifacts are foreign to the three adventurers, but Morthis manages to shed light on one or two in the room, including a tub filled to the brim with powerful acid and finally the papers they need for Thalen. They encounter a cabinet full of things like tongues and ash, and travel into a room that is filled with nothing but darkness. After dispelling the enchantment on the room they discover a mop resting in the corner that allows the rider to fly and Sellion pockets an egg he found in the lab.

Spoils gathered, the three of them escape through a passage in the basement that takes them past a number of cages full of shambling figures. Emerging into the pre-dawn light the three of them quickly make their way to Thalen’s ship and secure passage. The ship casts off, and not one of the three remembers the other half of the party who did not board.

What happened to Kavar, Aren, and Silky Johnson? Can Morthis and Sellion trust Ganthall? Will Thalen’s ship reach Citin without incident? Find out next time on Here Be Dragons!



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