Here Be Dragons

In Which The Party Explores Waylock Manor
5 December, 2015

When we last left the party…

Kavar, Aren, Morthis, and Sellion had managed to make their way inside Waylock Manor through tricking the enchanted alarm on the gate. Their host, Lord Waylock, greeted Kavar and Aren warmly as they distracted him from Sellion and Morthis’ break in. After a hearty dinner for the two of them they were led to their rooms and left to their own devices for the night. Kavar’s drunkenness means he passes out fairly quickly, but Aren goes exploring on the second floor.

Meanwhile Morthis and Sellion continue to explore the rest of the home. They come across a library, a study, and a storage room with a portrait with eyes that seem to follow them around the room. Meeting up with Aren and sharing the portrait with him he reveals that it’s actually a portrait of the butler. The three of them plunder the storage room and re-cover the portrait so it can gather more dust.

Off in his own dreamland, Kavar becomes slightly aware of a nice, soothing melody being played just out of his hearing. As he rises to wakefulness the sound becomes clearer, and soon he realizes it’s Kobe, singing on his nightstand. However Kobe’s song seems to have some sort of magic in it, because not long after the music wakes Kavar that Silky Johnson appears in his bedroom from where he’d been waiting for the others back at the Pointy Ears Inn.

In a moment of confusion and not wanting to be discovered, Kavar throws himself atop Silky Johnson to hide him from the butler as he enters to check what the noise was. Assured, the butler leaves and Kavar gets off Silky Johnson before the poor bard suffocates under the massive dragonborn.

During the commotion Sellion, Morthis, and Aren make their way into the master bedroom and from there into the attic when they hear footsteps approaching. They just manage to hide before someone enters the bedroom, and once in the attic they discover yet more trinkets and treasures, which Morthis quickly shoves into the bag of holding with gusto. They also discover a covered crate, which the three of them quickly open in anticipation only to find an infant hydra, whom they quickly dub “Ricky”.

Silky Johnson and Kavar, now sober thanks to Silky Johnson’s magic, sneak out of Kavar’s room to try and find their friends, only to be busted by the butler wandering the halls. While they’re trying to talk their way out of it both of them receive a mighty crack to the back of the head, and are knocked unconscious.

Why does Lord Waylock have a baby hydra in his attic? Who knocked out Kavar and Silky Johnson? Will our heroes ever discover the documents they need to secure passage on Thalen’s ship? Find out next time on Here Be Dragons!

In Which The Party Enters Waylock Manor
7 November, 2015

When we last left the party…

Sellion and Kavar had gathered the needed paperwork to get Charles Barkley into Vring and were on their way out of the city to meet up with the rest of the party. After getting everyone inside the group heads down to the docks and meets up with Donk to sell the Roc. Charles Barkley isn’t too happy about the arrangement, but no one’s asking him and the gold changes hands.

With that out of the way, Aren and Silky Johnson head back to the Pointy Ears Inn and work on getting a base of operations up for the group, as well as getting the horses settled. Morthis, Kavar, and Sellion head slightly out of town to Waylock Manor. Standing on the outside of the gate they take in the sight of the Manor on the hill overlooking the sea and start putting together a game plan for the retrieval of the documents Thalen wanted destroyed.

Their plan involving Kavar being drunk, they send the dragonborn back to the Inn to start pre-gaming while Sellion and Morthis go shopping for magical supplies. On their shopping trip Sellion buys a bird with the ability to turn itself invisible with the use of a keyword: syn. Sellion named the bird Air Jorden, and goes to check on Morthis. The tiefling is in the middle of a ritual, enchanting the ring he just purchased.

Sellion heads back to the Inn to meet up with Kavar and now Aren who has returned from helping Silky Johnson with the horses. Sellion explains the plan to Aren while Kavar continues to drink, and Morthis comes back after about an hour and they wait until darkness falls.

Once the sun starts setting they enact the plan, sending Kavar through the magical alarm system in his drunkenness with Aren as his handler to make sure things don’t get too out of hand. Meanwhile Sellion and Morthis use the distraction to slip over the fence and onto the grounds, searching out a back window they can climb in. They manage to make it into what looks like a pantry but have to retreat when the kitchen staff moves in and starts looking for food to cook for the unexpected guests of Aren and Kavar.

Aren and Kavar, meanwhile, are greeted first by the guards then by a man who seems to be a high ranking servant like a butler or assistant. He leads them inside and seats them, and it’s not long before they’re joined by the master of the house himself: Lord Waylock. Of course it takes long enough that a drunken Kavar manages to mistake a wax mango for a real one and takes a large bite of it.

Lord Waylock treats Kavar and Aren to a nice meal and then escorts them to a couple of guest rooms where they can spend the night. Meanwhile Sellion and Morthis make their way through the house in search of Thalen’s documents, winding up in a study on the second floor as Lord Waylock leads their friends to their beds.

Will Morthis and Sellion’s presence remain a secret? Does Lord Waylock have anything to hide? How is Kavar going to be any use when he’s drunk and admiring their handsome host? Find out next time on Here Be Dragons!

In Which Sellion Almost Gets Lucky
31 October, 2015

When we last left the party…

Sellion was the only member who had managed to spend the night inside the city before the gates closed at dusk and the rest of the party stayed outside the city with Charles Barkley. Up at the crack of dawn, Sellion makes his way down to Vring’s wharf district. In the early morning he finds the docks buzzing with activity and he tracks down Thalen, a minotaur from a bar the night before to inquire about passage for the group across the bay to Citin.

Thalen, now sober, greets Sellion and agrees to ferry the group in exchange for a favor. He wants them to break into Waylock Manor and destroy a set of documents. Sellion agrees and Thalen gives him a lead to another shipmaster, Donk the Dwarf, who specializes in transportation of animals. Sellion heads over and he and Donk reach an agreement. Sellion meets up with Norma, and the two of them head to the Pointy Ears Inn, and there their date is interrupted by a gnome climbing out from under the table.

Norma heads to the lady’s room to freshen up and Sellion gets down to business arranging for papers that will get Charles Barkley into the city. Meanwhile Morthis and Kavar have made their way into town. Morthis heads for the more impoverished side of Vring and sits down for poker at the Devil’s End Tavern. Kavar heads to the shopping district and searches for somewhere that will make a cloak for him, custom because of his size. The group inside the city meets up at the Pointy Ears Inn and wind down the day. Aren and Silky Johnson stay outside with Charles Barkley and the horses, joined by Morthis shortly before the gates close for the night.

The next morning Sellion awakes to a small pile of papers on his pillow that will allow Charles Barkley into the city. As he’s heading towards the gate he runs into Kavar who’s going to see if his cloak is finished and decides to join him. Kavar’s cloak is indeed finished, thanks to the work of a homely elven woman named June, who worked tirelessly all night to finish it. Sellion decides to purchase a cloak off the rack and he and Kavar saunter out the gate to the rest of the party.

Will Sellion ever get lucky? Can the group finally get Charles Barkley into the city? Does the Devil’s End Tavern have someone playing the tables other than Morthis? Find out next time on Here Be Dragons!

In Which Silky Johnson Juggles Meat Buckets
3 October, 2015

When we last left the party…

They’d regrouped after their battle with the Roc and were continuing their way to Vring with the large creature in tow, intending to sell it once in the city. Kavar had also given not just his own bird, but the Roc a name: Kobe and Charles Barkley respectively. Now after nearly a week of travel our heroes spot the gates of Vring on the horizon, and before the day is out they reach the walls. Here they find a line to get into the city comprised of all sorts of people from all walks of life.

Joining the queue, the group reaches the front of the line only to be stopped by the guards on duty, who inform them in not necessarily polite terms that they’re going to need a license to bring Charles Barkley into the city. The party’s attempts to convince the guards otherwise end in vain, and after some arguing they have to move over to the side and let the line continue. Deciding to leave Silky Johnson with Charles Barkley outside, the others attempt to gain entrance into the city to see if they can find out where to get papers for the Roc’s transport.

Unfortunately for the party, Vring has never played host to a dragonborn before and the guards aren’t sure what to make of Kavar. They deny him entry into the city, and it’s only Aren and Sellion who go inside. The rest hang back and stay with Silky and Charles Barkley.

Once inside the city Sellion and Aren go looking for information. They head to Verigans, a rare stones shop and selling the gems they’d found down in the tunnels. Sellion meets a fair elven lass named Norma and the two of them hit start chatting. Sellion and Aren split up, with the monk heading back to the rest of the party and the two elves delving deeper into the city.

Meanwhile outside the city Kavar spots a family of drow and goes over to chat with them. Their son is very interested in the strange, large person, and Kavar engages with the father in conversation, learning that they’ve come from Fjorden searching for work. Once Kavar’s done with his chat he returns to the party, and Aren and Silky head into the city to get food for Charles Barkley. Securing some unwanted meats from a butcher shop (which Silky Johnson attempts to juggle), they return to Charles Barkley and feed him. With Sellion the only one in the city, the group beds down for the night.

How will the party get Charles Barkley into Vring? Will Kavar ever see that drow family again? What adventures might Sellion have alone in the city? Find out next time in Here Be Dragons!

In Which Silky Johnson Soothes The Savage Beast
19 September, 2015

When we last left the party…

They were engaged in a life or death battle with a monstrous predatory bird. The Roc had already terrified not just the horses and Kavar’s bird, but Silky Johnson as well had joined the animals in their flight from the fight. With more pressing matters than Silky Johnson’s escape, the rest of the party focuses on bringing the Roc down to their level.

With a crippling blow to the bird’s wing, the creature falls but is not slain. Instead the party decides to merely knock it unconscious while they try to figure out what to do with the animal. Using their unbreakable rope, Sellion ties the bird’s beak and with regular rope they hobble the creature’s legs to prevent it from being a threat upon waking. Kavar tries to contribute by making Sellion a flower crown, but unfortunately his large claws aren’t built for arts and crafts and he just can’t seem to get it together.

Meanwhile, Silky Johnson catches up to the fleeing horses and in an under-appreciated feat of heroism manages to corral all of them and return them and Kavar’s bird to the party. Of course the party expresses their displeasure with the fact that he abandoned the fight, but he saved the horses and Kavar’s bird so all is forgiven. The animals accounted for, the group once more turns their attention to the bound creature they’ve brought down, and together they reach a conclusion: they’ll try to sell the Roc when they reach Vring.

Of course first that means they have to transport the Roc and deliver it to anyone who might want to purchase the creature. They manage to fashion a makeshift splint for the bird’s wing and set it so that it can heal on the journey. As they’re doing so, the massive animal begins to stir, and it’s not at all pleased with being manhandled by a group of rag-tag adventurers. Fortunately for our heroes, Sellion’s rope skills are top notch, and the Roc is unable to cause the group any damage.

Silky Johnson steps up and together he and Kavar’s bird begin to play a glorious ballad that soothes the Roc and actually seems to have a taming effect on it. The rest of the party goes about gathering up their scattered belongings and putting their camp back in order. Silky Johnson, after calming the Roc to a seemingly docile state, takes a risk and removes the halter on the bird’s beak. Thankfully his music seems to have done the trick, and they’re able to feed the Roc with the fish they caught from the river and then some.

With one disaster averted, the party packs up and continues moving towards Vring. As they move out Kavar announces that he’s finally decided upon a name for his bird: Kobe. He’s also come up with a name for the Roc: Charles Barkley.

What will our heroes find in Vring? Will Silky Johnson be able to go through with selling Charles Barkley after forming such a bond? How long will it be before Kavar realizes that Silky Johnson can harmonize better with Kobe than he can? Find out next time on Here Be Dragons!

In Which The Party Deals Non-Lethal Damage
12 September, 2015

When we last left the party…

They’d just been ambushed by a group of humans and slaughtered them in self defense. Thankfully it allowed the party to gain some horses and quicken their journey on the way to the port city of Vring. Aren’s black horse with white stockings warrants the name Socks, Sellion’s black stallion becomes Roach, Morthis’ blue roan horse bears the title of Thunder, and Silky Johnson’s all white mare eloquently carries the noble title of The Silk Mobile. Kavar, devoid of a horse, is left with just his still unnamed bird.

While they’re traveling, a few party members notice it growing unusually dark, but as night approaches it becomes less noticeable. Since the grassland they’re traveling through has yet to offer much in the ways of trees, Kavar sinks a greataxe into the ground that they looted off one of the humans they defeated and ties to horses to the mighty handle. The night passes uneventfully with Silky Johnson keeping watch. The bard is tasked the next morning with awakening the heavy sleeper Kavar and manages to do so pleasantly with his harmonica.

Again the party continues on their way, though the day is nearly as dark as the night and it’s putting most of the party on edge. As they’re looking for places to make camp for their third night of travel Kavar points out that they can reach the riverside and camp there. Agreeing, the party again secures the horses to the extra greataxe. Kavar and Aren go searching for crayfish in the river while Morthis and Silky Johnson try to figure out what’s so magical about Kavar’s bird. Kavar makes no shortage of threats that if anything happens to the bird he’s going to not be happy before heading out. Sellion, highly amused, eats some of the vision-giving mushrooms that he saved from the mountains and chills.

Silky Johnson receives the bird’s tether from Kavar and the bird settles on his shoulder after a moment of confusion as the dragonborn goes to fish. The bard then starts up a series of songs to which the bird joins in while Morthis tries to identify and boost the magical energies of the bird. He’s able to make out a soft aura as the bird is singing, but pushing too much magic towards the bird causes it to stop mid song and look around in confusion. Silky Johnson pets the bird to soothe it and his hand tingles pleasantly with some sort of magical energy.

Before they can really do much more Kavar and Aren return with some crayfish and just enough wood found in the river to start a small fire so they can cook the crayfish. They decide to leave the wood out overnight to dry it and the party goes to sleep. Near the dawn hours Kavar hears a terrifying screech in his dreams that wakes him up immediately and consequently the rest of the party. The recent unusual darkness has carried over to this morning, and Morthis decides to try and get a better look at the sky by climbing on Kavar’s shoulders, to which the panicking dragonborn responds by grabbing the tiefling by the horns and pulling him up over his shoulders and slamming him down on his back onto the ground.

Distracted by that only Sellion and Aren notice the giant shape emerging from the darkness, and only Sellion can make out the features of the massive bird coming towards them. The bird buffets the party onto their backs and Kavar gets a good look at it, able to identify the creature as a Roc who most likely is after their horses for a meal. During the ensuing battle Silky Johnson teleports on the Roc’s back, unfortunately severing the tether that had held Kavar’s bird to him and allowing the bird to fly away. After being thrown from the giant creature’s back he races for the horses and jumps on the Silk Mobile to escape, unintentionally freeing all the terrified horses.

With Silky Johnson gone and the horses running, it’s up to the rest of the party to bring down the Roc. Aren manages to catch the other three horses while Sellion and Morthis whittle the Roc’s health and endurance to the point where it falls and hurts it’s wing. Unable to escape without flight the Roc is quickly set upon by Kavar’s greataxe, though in a twist the dragonborn decides to spare the creature and merely knock it unconscious rather than kill it, giving the party time to nurse their many wounds while they figure out what to do.

What will the party do with the Roc? Where has Silky Johnson gone and will he ever return? How angry is Kavar going to be that his bird had literally flown the coop? Find out next week on Here Be Dragons!

In Which Silky Johnson Makes A Grand Entrance
5 September, 2015

When we last left the party…

Kavar had bought a potentially magical bird and the party had gained a tiefling ally in the form of Morthis the warlock as well as consulting a cartographer about some of the potential mysteries of their map. As morning rolls around the party members gradually trickle down to the taven’s bottom floor for breakfast. As they do they notice the tavern owner in a heated conversation with a half-elven woman.

Exhausted from their haggling the day before, the party doesn’t manage to overhear the conversation. After being woken by his new bird, Kavar heads downstairs and provides the worst example of how to stealth ever and the woman exasperatedly demands what the party wants, revealing that there’s a shifter on the loose and wanted for serious crimes in the port city of Vring. With that information, the full party sits down for breakfast and to discuss their plans for the day.

While they’re eating, the sound of harmonica music fills the air and not long after a very fabulous eladrin bursts into the tavern and announces his name is Silky Johnson and he’s in search of an adventuring party! Aren waves him over and the group welcomes him in for the most part, though Morthis is hesitant. Sellion and Aren go to double check some things with the cartographer before regrouping and heading out of town with the intent to go west towards Vring so that they can take a ship from there to the capital city.

On their way out of town they’re stopped by two humans who warn them that it’s dangerous to travel and offer their protection. The party turns them down and continues on their way. They make it through the first day without incident before roughly halfway through their second day of travel a group of humans on horseback come charging them down. They manage to defeat the humans and even take their horses, though since there are four horses and five party members it means someone has to hoof it on foot. Kavar, being the largest and least likely to wear out a horse, walks with the party on foot.

What other perils might befall our intrepid adventurers on their journey? How far will Kavar go before getting tired of walking? Will they name their horses? Find out next time on Here Be Dragons!

In Which Kavar Buys A Bird
29 August, 2015

When we last left the party…

Sellion, Kavar, Aren, Raina, and Captain Thorstein had found and rescued Runa, the dwarven sister of Thrumman who was able to remove the unfortunate enchantments on on Kavar and Captain Thorstein. Deciding on their next course of action Thrumman agrees to lead the group through a little-known path in the mountains. Unfortunately due to her excessive wounds Raina must stay behind to heal from her injuries. Captain Thorstein also says goodbye to the party, deciding instead to return to a life of sailing and drinking.

Carrying on, Kavar, Sellion, and Aren follow Thrumman through the mountains for a ways before being sent on their way by the dwarven smith, who turns back to return to his sister. The diminished party continues a short ways, stopping when Kavar and Sellion notice a trip wire blocking their path. Sellion disables the trap, only to reveal that it was attached to nothing more than a fake spider. A disappointed noise from down the tunnel piques their curiosity and upon exiting the mountains Kavar is landed on by a small female gnome.

The gnome, named Trissa, is from the small growing settlement of Nul, which is a short distance down this much tamer side of the mountains and agrees to lead them to a cartographer passing through town. Trissa also proves exceptionally annoying, prompting Sellion to split from the group in pursuit of alcohol from the local tavern. On his way inside he passes a tiefling who had just left after being accused of cheating at the local poker game.

Morthis the tiefling spots Kavar and Aren trying to get information out of Trissa with little success. He heads over and begins talking with them. Shortly afterwards Trissa is bribed to go off and buy some bread while Aren goes to get Sellion and the group heads to where the traveling merchants set up shop. Once there Aren, Sellion, and Morthis discuss their mysterious map with the cartographer. Kavar, meanwhile, is distracted by another of the merchants who is selling exotic birds.

Many minutes of haggling later and the exchange of 30 gold, Kavar walks away with a beautiful blue-tinged lilac feathered bird about the size of a peregrine falcon. Deciding they’ll head out in the morning, the party heads back to the Tavern to get a good night’s sleep, but not before the newly acquired warlock manages to determine a hidden magical quality to Kavar’s new bird.

What will the party find in their pursuit of this mysterious map? Is the bird actually magic or did they get ripped off? Will they forever be saddled with an annoying gnome? Only time will tell on Here Be Dragons!

In Which The Party Gets Cool Shit
10 May 2015

When we last left the party…

They’d just fought off a gelatinous cube and returned to one of the rooms in the passageway to try and hole up and get some rest. Their sleep uninterrupted, the party awakens and debates on what to do. Having noted the split in the path they took, they decide to send Aren ahead as a scout down the right-hand tunnel instead of trying to go down into the ravine.

Taking the right tunnel, Aren travels a short ways until the passage opens up into a larger cave, roughly 55 × 50 feet large. The cavern is completely dark, but thanks to the light of the ever-burning torch Aren can make out four human shapes curled against one another in a pile. He also manages to notice a large furry mound in one corner of the room.

Unfortunately for Aren, carrying a lighted torch into a dark cavern isn’t very sneaky and the rooms occupants awaken and attack. The party hears his cries for aid and they rush in to save him from the were-rats. During the battle Kavar manages to catch most of the enemies and Raina in his fire blast, accidentally sending the eladrin ranger unconscious. Despite that the party manages to defeat the were-rats and get a better sense of the room. They discover a female dwarf who was the were-rat’s captives. Upon waking her she reveals her name is Runa Grindledust, Thrumman’s sister.

Recognizing that they can take Runa back to her brother, the party retreats and rests with the Grindledust siblings. Runa, a powerful magic user, is able to heal the enchantments on Thorstein and Kavar, returning the dwarven captain to full size and the use of his arm to the dragonborn. Thrumman shows his gratitude to the party by gifting them with various helpful items, and Runa enchants some of the group’s weapons to show her gratitude.

After everyone’s handled their immediate wounds, during which Sellion discovers that he has contracted Filth Fever, Runa reveals that she was also in search of the arcane book that Raina was searching for. She pulls out the tome and shows it to the party, handing it to Raina who opens it to discover a map falling out from between the pages…

What is on the map? How will our heroes use the arcane tome? Will Sellion succumb to Filth Fever or overcome the disease? Find out next time on Here Be Dragons!

In Which The Party Fights Geometry
25 April 2015

When we last left the party…

They’d just finished looting a number of rooms along the passageway in the stone cyclops’ stomach and had continued on their way, reaching a fork in the road. After some deliberation, the party chose to go left where they can hear what sounds to be a dripping noise. They emerge into a small alcove with the back side of the alcove sliced off and revealing a deep ravine. A small waterfall is trickling down the rock face beside them and spilling farther down the ravine into what sounds like some sort of pool. While they’re looking down into the, they just barely notice that there’s a creature forming behind them made of gelatinous material.

The battle with the gelatinous cube reveals that they’d found a cloak of acid resistance in their raid of the seven rooms. Kavar, as per usual, winds up in the most dangerous position inside the cube for the majority of the battle. Raina delivers the killing blow and the party is covered in gloopy globes of slime. Deciding that it isn’t worth trying to climb down into the ravine right this moment, the tired party heads back to the seven rooms and gathers in a single one to hole up for a rest and try to get their armor clean as possible. They hole up in the room and get some sleep.

Will the party rest uninterrupted? Will they discover what’s down the other branch of the tunnel. Or will they climb down into the ravine? Find out next time on Here Be Dragons!


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