Here Be Dragons

In Which There's A Crossover
30 April, 2016

When we last left the party…

They had met a tiefling cleric named Draz who offered to go along with the others. With Draz in tow they went through the town and purchased an antidote and a dog. Sellion, Silky Johnson, and Draz then spent the trying to figure out how to get rich quick, but only Silky Johnson was successful. Retiring to the Frozen Table Enclave, the entire party beds down for the night amid the soft songs of Kobe.

Unfortunately it’s that exact song that seems to have an adverse effect on their surroundings. Aren is first to wake to the sight of three unknown figures arguing above their beds. Moving quickly, he engages the strangers in conversation and manages to wake Draz, but not Kavar. Through an intense conversation they learn that the three strangers are a half-orc named Nicholas, an elven ranger named Raltar, and a dwarven cleric named Hawthuum. Unsurprisingly, Kobe has managed to teleport the three strangers to our heroes and they manage to get a ‘talking bottle’ going so that they can sort out the conversation. Aren manages to wake Kavar and they retrieve Floss for the conversation.

After a reading of the prophecies to get everyone on the same page and a realization that the image on Kavar’s map is the same as the one stamped in the bottom of Nicholas’ prophecies, the large group try to figure out how to get Nicholas, Raltar, and Hawthuum back to where they belong. Raltar attempts to speak with Kobe, who reveals that he teleported the group due to a connection one of them had with Kavar, but Kobe doesn’t know which of the three of them it was. During this time Scooter reveals himself and Kavar becomes rather enraptured with the tiny pseudodragon.

Trying to figure out which of them holds the connection, Raltar sends himself and Nicholas outside to see if Kobe could teleport them back inside, only for the two of them to be attacked. A large, white, gaunt creature with a stinger and flanked by two smaller creatures about Scooter’s size. The rest of both parties arrive and together they take down their attackers. Aren and Scooter both nearly die, but thankfully having two clerics around helps to mitigate the damage. With he sun starting to rise, Nicholas, Raltar, and Hawthuum say their goodbyes and Scooter is torn between staying with one of his kind or going with his friends. In the end he stays with Nicholas and the others, and they head to the Citin branch of DeMor’s to use the teleportation circle there to reach Meclor, and from there Edron.

How will this nighttime adventure affect our adventurers? Will the groups ever meet again? Do their goals converge on the same place? Find out next time on Here Be Dragons!

In Which Not Much Happens
2 & 23 April, 2016

When we last left the party…

Kavar, Aren, and Silky Johnson had been teleported into what appeared to be a magical shop and then been reunited with Sellion and a new elf named Floss. The apparent owner of the shop returned Kobe to the adventurers, and after calming down the group joined in the opening day festivities. Silky Johnson even bought himself a new cloak.

During the few days they spend getting settled in the city, Kavar and Floss try to figure one another out. Kavar is like nothing Floss has ever seen and Floss acts much differently than Sellion, which is usually Kavar’s reference point for elves. As some drinks go around at the shop, heated words lead to a head to head between Silky Johnson and Sellion. The bard slaps the rogue, only to be rewarded for his trouble with the butt of a dagger jabbed into his side.

Tensions high, the party manages to come to an uneasy truce and go shopping elsewhere at a store called the Fur & Fang, specifically searching for a dog for Kavar. After picking out an adorable puppy they move on to locating a cartographer, Fena, who helps them fill in their map a bit more. As they’re traveling back towards the store they teleported into, Sellion and Silky Johnson meet Draz. The trifling cleric offers to heal both of their bruises, for a price.

Figuring they’ll survive the bruises, they deny him but do lead him back to the party that’s finally starting to wind down. The group starts to inquire about health potions, and learn just how expensive healing can be. In trying to haggle down the price they agree to a sponsorship agreement with the shop, and all of their armor is branded with the store’s logo. The discount allows them to buy some antitoxin in case of poisons and they retire to the Frozen Table Enclave.

In the few hours before bed Silky Johnson, Sellion, and Draz all go into the streets in search of some spare coin. Unfortunately for the rogue and cleric, the bard is the only one who finds luck and the only one who returns successful. Draz finds a friend of his, George the gnome, in the bar and talks to him for awhile before going upstairs to witness a discussion about maps and where the party should head next. A plan in mind, they settle down for bed.

Can the party trust Draz? Will they ever reach that mysterious mark on their map? And why is Kobe singing quietly in the back of his throat? Only time will tell on Here Be Dragons!

In Which The Party Is Reunited... Kinda
12 March, 2016

When we last left the party…

Floss and Sellion had met Sobran the drow and managed to convince him to help them get a message to Silky Johnson, Kavar, and Aren who have just escaped being killed by a werewolf. The three of them had emerged onto a beach at the base around the back of Waylock Manor and spent time tending to their wounds before trying to figure out where to go based on the message from their elf rogue.

Lacking any real drive to do things while waiting for their party to reach Citin, Floss and Sellion decide to go looking for somewhere to purchase a banner so they can welcome back their party. After an uncomfortable encounter with a female goliath blacksmith, the pair reach what can only be described as a party spilling out from a shop. Investigating farther, they discover a massive shop that almost definitely has the banner they want to buy is in the midst of hosting an opening party. Speaking to the clerk, Braden, and then the owner, the two manage to haggle for half price on the banner they want to buy.

Meanwhile, Kavar, Aren, and Silky Johnson have returned to Vring and search it for some sort of magic circle. They discover a magic shop where an elven woman is using magic to arrange her wares on a shelf. Heading inside, Correen manages to convince them to test out the newly installed teleportation circle in exchange for a free rapier and no cost on the actual teleport. Reluctantly, the group agrees and hopes that nothing will go wrong. A few seconds after entering the teleport circle, they find themselves in another room entirely and Kavar just begins screaming.

The dragonborn’s screams draw a half-elf to the room the appeared in and he demands to know how they got there and who they are. Silky Johnson explains the situation and the man leads them back into the actual shop, revealing a quieted crowd holding drinks. A familiar bird lands on the half-elf’s arm and Kavar breaks into tears as Kobe returns to his shoulder. The dragonborn runs through the crowd, parting it easily and Kobe leads him to Sobran’s home, where Sellion and Floss are waiting, absolutely plastered. Kavar goes right up to Sellion and punches him in the face for leaving them behind. Silky Johnson and Aren stay at the shop and continue to party with the patrons.

Who is this half-elven man and how did he find Kobe? Will the rest of the party approve of Floss? And how will the party work together again after being betrayed by Sellion? Find out next time on Here Be Dragons!

In Which Floss Realizes Elf Privilege Exists
20 February, 2016

When we last left the party…

Sellion had just docked with Thalen’s ship in Citin while the rest of the party found themselves released into a dense, forest-like environment and being chased by some sort of creature. They managed to find their belongings and began running through the forest, fearing for their lives.

Even as Kavar, Silky Johnson, and Aren flee for their lives, Sellion makes his way through Citin in search of a magic store that could offer him a way to bring his party across the bay. On a recommendation from one general shop he finds a dwarf in the midst of argument with another elf. Floss Papadopoulos, elven ranger, introduces himself and reveals he was in search of enchantments for his bow.

Finding no answers forthcoming from the aggressive dwarf for either of their questions, Floss and Sellion head back to the general shop and ask a gnome named Emma where they can find someone who might specialize in teleportation spells. Emma directs them to someone she calls Sobran and the two set off to find him.

Lost in the forest and with their pursuer growing closer Kavar, Silky Johnson, and Aren decide to instead stand and fight the creature. Aren climbs a tree and the other two wait back to back as the beast approaches. Before he can however, Silky Johnson receives a message from Sellion encouraging them to find a teleportation circle. Then the half man, half wolf comes from the brush and a fierce battle rages between the four of them. As their opponent weakens he tries to run, only to be knocked down by a mighty blow from Aren.

As the party swoops in for the kill, a dense mist descends and condenses into an ashen, tall, powerful, dangerous form. The vampiric entity stands guard over the wolf and forces the party to flee through the sheer might of his gaze. Without needing to be told twice, they go, emerging on the beach at the base of the cliff atop which sits Waylock Manor.

Having found Sobran the drow, Sellion and Floss ask him for help reaching their friends. He offers what he can, but magic does not come cheap and the best they can do for the moment is send a message encouraging the others to look for a teleportation circle and have Silky Johnson activate it. That done, they discuss possible enchantments that could be made to Floss’ bow and Sobran mentions the rising racial tensions in his home of Fjorden, which neither Floss nor Sellion will ever truly understand. Their message sent, Floss and Sellion head deeper into Citin.

How will the party reunite? Who really is Floss Papadopoulos? And where is Kobe? Stay tuned for the answer only on Here Be Dragons!

In Which Sellion Hangs Out On A Boat
13 February, 2016

When we last left the party…

Sellion, Morthis, and Ganthall had embarked on Thalen’s ship with the paperwork they set out to find in Waylock Manor. Aren, Kavar, and Silky Johnson however had been knocked out and were awaiting their fates, unconscious at the mercy of their captors.

Slowly, Aren first returns to wakefulness. He gathers that he, Aren, and Kavar are strapped down to stone tables by metal shackles. Kavar’s in particular seem extremely strong. After a moment of failing to free himself, Silky Johnson wakes and the two of them witness a creatures enter the room with the body of a lion and the face of a man.

The sphinx taunts the three trapped adventurers, his pretentious air calmed by Silky Johnson’s diplomatic singing voice. Kavar rises to the sound of his favorite bard and it quickly becomes clear that now no one else will be able to get a word in edgewise. The arrival of a second sphinx, this time female, only serves to aggravate the situation farther and the male sphinx presses his claws against Kavar’s throat.

Meanwhile Sellion hung out on a boat and had a pirate montage in which he convinced a shrunken Morthis to become his demonic familiar.

Before Kavar can have a tracheotomy performed by the male sphinx, the butler from Waylock Manor enters the room and calls off the beasts. Reluctantly they leave, and the party tries to parlay for their freedom. Silky Johnson very nearly manages to get through to the butler, but Darius Dreadweep’s sense of duty prevails and he leaves them to their fate. Once he leaves a door opens in the wall behind the party and gas begins to fill the room.

Silky Johnson and Aren scramble to pull themselves free while Kavar just rips apart his metal restraints with his teeth. The three of them flee out of the room and into the revealed forested area, where they quickly find their gear waiting for them with a note that simply says: Run. With the sound of an eerie howl behind them, the three adventurers take the advice to heart and bolt farther into the dense foliage.

Meanwhile Sellion’s boat docks in Citin.

What will Sellion find in Citin? Can Kavar, Aren, and Silky Johnson escape the howling monstrosity following them? How will the party reunite after this betrayal? Find out next time on Here Be Dragons!

In Which The Party Splits
12 December, 2015

When we last left the party…

Kavar and Silky Johnson had been knocked unconscious by an unknown assailant while talking to the butler of Waylock Manor. Morthis, Aren, and Sellion were all still gathered in the attic above the master bedroom, waiting for the coast to be clear so they could come down. Morthis and Aren headed to the trapdoor, starting the process of dropping down quickly and quietly while Sellion took one last sweep of the attic.

Unfortunately, Morthis and Aren didn’t manage the most graceful decent and their bodies hit the floor with a loud thud. Sellion quickly joins them and the three try to leave the bedroom before anyone comes to investigate. Aren heads towards Kavar’s room to check on him, while the other two head farther into the Manor, only to run into a fellow adventurer but the name of Ganthall.

Ganthall, who is only staying in the Manor because his family has strong influence with the city, greets Sellion and Morthis and the three of them decide to continue exploring. There’s one door that Ganthall hasn’t been able to get open, and thanks to Sellion’s lock picking skills finally the mystery is revealed. Inside, it looks like some sort of mad scientist’s laboratory, if a mad scientist were to practice magic.

All manner of instruments and ingredients fill the room. Most of the artifacts are foreign to the three adventurers, but Morthis manages to shed light on one or two in the room, including a tub filled to the brim with powerful acid and finally the papers they need for Thalen. They encounter a cabinet full of things like tongues and ash, and travel into a room that is filled with nothing but darkness. After dispelling the enchantment on the room they discover a mop resting in the corner that allows the rider to fly and Sellion pockets an egg he found in the lab.

Spoils gathered, the three of them escape through a passage in the basement that takes them past a number of cages full of shambling figures. Emerging into the pre-dawn light the three of them quickly make their way to Thalen’s ship and secure passage. The ship casts off, and not one of the three remembers the other half of the party who did not board.

What happened to Kavar, Aren, and Silky Johnson? Can Morthis and Sellion trust Ganthall? Will Thalen’s ship reach Citin without incident? Find out next time on Here Be Dragons!

In Which The Party Explores Waylock Manor
5 December, 2015

When we last left the party…

Kavar, Aren, Morthis, and Sellion had managed to make their way inside Waylock Manor through tricking the enchanted alarm on the gate. Their host, Lord Waylock, greeted Kavar and Aren warmly as they distracted him from Sellion and Morthis’ break in. After a hearty dinner for the two of them they were led to their rooms and left to their own devices for the night. Kavar’s drunkenness means he passes out fairly quickly, but Aren goes exploring on the second floor.

Meanwhile Morthis and Sellion continue to explore the rest of the home. They come across a library, a study, and a storage room with a portrait with eyes that seem to follow them around the room. Meeting up with Aren and sharing the portrait with him he reveals that it’s actually a portrait of the butler. The three of them plunder the storage room and re-cover the portrait so it can gather more dust.

Off in his own dreamland, Kavar becomes slightly aware of a nice, soothing melody being played just out of his hearing. As he rises to wakefulness the sound becomes clearer, and soon he realizes it’s Kobe, singing on his nightstand. However Kobe’s song seems to have some sort of magic in it, because not long after the music wakes Kavar that Silky Johnson appears in his bedroom from where he’d been waiting for the others back at the Pointy Ears Inn.

In a moment of confusion and not wanting to be discovered, Kavar throws himself atop Silky Johnson to hide him from the butler as he enters to check what the noise was. Assured, the butler leaves and Kavar gets off Silky Johnson before the poor bard suffocates under the massive dragonborn.

During the commotion Sellion, Morthis, and Aren make their way into the master bedroom and from there into the attic when they hear footsteps approaching. They just manage to hide before someone enters the bedroom, and once in the attic they discover yet more trinkets and treasures, which Morthis quickly shoves into the bag of holding with gusto. They also discover a covered crate, which the three of them quickly open in anticipation only to find an infant hydra, whom they quickly dub “Ricky”.

Silky Johnson and Kavar, now sober thanks to Silky Johnson’s magic, sneak out of Kavar’s room to try and find their friends, only to be busted by the butler wandering the halls. While they’re trying to talk their way out of it both of them receive a mighty crack to the back of the head, and are knocked unconscious.

Why does Lord Waylock have a baby hydra in his attic? Who knocked out Kavar and Silky Johnson? Will our heroes ever discover the documents they need to secure passage on Thalen’s ship? Find out next time on Here Be Dragons!

In Which The Party Enters Waylock Manor
7 November, 2015

When we last left the party…

Sellion and Kavar had gathered the needed paperwork to get Charles Barkley into Vring and were on their way out of the city to meet up with the rest of the party. After getting everyone inside the group heads down to the docks and meets up with Donk to sell the Roc. Charles Barkley isn’t too happy about the arrangement, but no one’s asking him and the gold changes hands.

With that out of the way, Aren and Silky Johnson head back to the Pointy Ears Inn and work on getting a base of operations up for the group, as well as getting the horses settled. Morthis, Kavar, and Sellion head slightly out of town to Waylock Manor. Standing on the outside of the gate they take in the sight of the Manor on the hill overlooking the sea and start putting together a game plan for the retrieval of the documents Thalen wanted destroyed.

Their plan involving Kavar being drunk, they send the dragonborn back to the Inn to start pre-gaming while Sellion and Morthis go shopping for magical supplies. On their shopping trip Sellion buys a bird with the ability to turn itself invisible with the use of a keyword: syn. Sellion named the bird Air Jorden, and goes to check on Morthis. The tiefling is in the middle of a ritual, enchanting the ring he just purchased.

Sellion heads back to the Inn to meet up with Kavar and now Aren who has returned from helping Silky Johnson with the horses. Sellion explains the plan to Aren while Kavar continues to drink, and Morthis comes back after about an hour and they wait until darkness falls.

Once the sun starts setting they enact the plan, sending Kavar through the magical alarm system in his drunkenness with Aren as his handler to make sure things don’t get too out of hand. Meanwhile Sellion and Morthis use the distraction to slip over the fence and onto the grounds, searching out a back window they can climb in. They manage to make it into what looks like a pantry but have to retreat when the kitchen staff moves in and starts looking for food to cook for the unexpected guests of Aren and Kavar.

Aren and Kavar, meanwhile, are greeted first by the guards then by a man who seems to be a high ranking servant like a butler or assistant. He leads them inside and seats them, and it’s not long before they’re joined by the master of the house himself: Lord Waylock. Of course it takes long enough that a drunken Kavar manages to mistake a wax mango for a real one and takes a large bite of it.

Lord Waylock treats Kavar and Aren to a nice meal and then escorts them to a couple of guest rooms where they can spend the night. Meanwhile Sellion and Morthis make their way through the house in search of Thalen’s documents, winding up in a study on the second floor as Lord Waylock leads their friends to their beds.

Will Morthis and Sellion’s presence remain a secret? Does Lord Waylock have anything to hide? How is Kavar going to be any use when he’s drunk and admiring their handsome host? Find out next time on Here Be Dragons!

In Which Sellion Almost Gets Lucky
31 October, 2015

When we last left the party…

Sellion was the only member who had managed to spend the night inside the city before the gates closed at dusk and the rest of the party stayed outside the city with Charles Barkley. Up at the crack of dawn, Sellion makes his way down to Vring’s wharf district. In the early morning he finds the docks buzzing with activity and he tracks down Thalen, a minotaur from a bar the night before to inquire about passage for the group across the bay to Citin.

Thalen, now sober, greets Sellion and agrees to ferry the group in exchange for a favor. He wants them to break into Waylock Manor and destroy a set of documents. Sellion agrees and Thalen gives him a lead to another shipmaster, Donk the Dwarf, who specializes in transportation of animals. Sellion heads over and he and Donk reach an agreement. Sellion meets up with Norma, and the two of them head to the Pointy Ears Inn, and there their date is interrupted by a gnome climbing out from under the table.

Norma heads to the lady’s room to freshen up and Sellion gets down to business arranging for papers that will get Charles Barkley into the city. Meanwhile Morthis and Kavar have made their way into town. Morthis heads for the more impoverished side of Vring and sits down for poker at the Devil’s End Tavern. Kavar heads to the shopping district and searches for somewhere that will make a cloak for him, custom because of his size. The group inside the city meets up at the Pointy Ears Inn and wind down the day. Aren and Silky Johnson stay outside with Charles Barkley and the horses, joined by Morthis shortly before the gates close for the night.

The next morning Sellion awakes to a small pile of papers on his pillow that will allow Charles Barkley into the city. As he’s heading towards the gate he runs into Kavar who’s going to see if his cloak is finished and decides to join him. Kavar’s cloak is indeed finished, thanks to the work of a homely elven woman named June, who worked tirelessly all night to finish it. Sellion decides to purchase a cloak off the rack and he and Kavar saunter out the gate to the rest of the party.

Will Sellion ever get lucky? Can the group finally get Charles Barkley into the city? Does the Devil’s End Tavern have someone playing the tables other than Morthis? Find out next time on Here Be Dragons!

In Which Silky Johnson Juggles Meat Buckets
3 October, 2015

When we last left the party…

They’d regrouped after their battle with the Roc and were continuing their way to Vring with the large creature in tow, intending to sell it once in the city. Kavar had also given not just his own bird, but the Roc a name: Kobe and Charles Barkley respectively. Now after nearly a week of travel our heroes spot the gates of Vring on the horizon, and before the day is out they reach the walls. Here they find a line to get into the city comprised of all sorts of people from all walks of life.

Joining the queue, the group reaches the front of the line only to be stopped by the guards on duty, who inform them in not necessarily polite terms that they’re going to need a license to bring Charles Barkley into the city. The party’s attempts to convince the guards otherwise end in vain, and after some arguing they have to move over to the side and let the line continue. Deciding to leave Silky Johnson with Charles Barkley outside, the others attempt to gain entrance into the city to see if they can find out where to get papers for the Roc’s transport.

Unfortunately for the party, Vring has never played host to a dragonborn before and the guards aren’t sure what to make of Kavar. They deny him entry into the city, and it’s only Aren and Sellion who go inside. The rest hang back and stay with Silky and Charles Barkley.

Once inside the city Sellion and Aren go looking for information. They head to Verigans, a rare stones shop and selling the gems they’d found down in the tunnels. Sellion meets a fair elven lass named Norma and the two of them hit start chatting. Sellion and Aren split up, with the monk heading back to the rest of the party and the two elves delving deeper into the city.

Meanwhile outside the city Kavar spots a family of drow and goes over to chat with them. Their son is very interested in the strange, large person, and Kavar engages with the father in conversation, learning that they’ve come from Fjorden searching for work. Once Kavar’s done with his chat he returns to the party, and Aren and Silky head into the city to get food for Charles Barkley. Securing some unwanted meats from a butcher shop (which Silky Johnson attempts to juggle), they return to Charles Barkley and feed him. With Sellion the only one in the city, the group beds down for the night.

How will the party get Charles Barkley into Vring? Will Kavar ever see that drow family again? What adventures might Sellion have alone in the city? Find out next time in Here Be Dragons!


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