Here Be Dragons

In Which Not Much Happens

2 & 23 April, 2016

When we last left the party…

Kavar, Aren, and Silky Johnson had been teleported into what appeared to be a magical shop and then been reunited with Sellion and a new elf named Floss. The apparent owner of the shop returned Kobe to the adventurers, and after calming down the group joined in the opening day festivities. Silky Johnson even bought himself a new cloak.

During the few days they spend getting settled in the city, Kavar and Floss try to figure one another out. Kavar is like nothing Floss has ever seen and Floss acts much differently than Sellion, which is usually Kavar’s reference point for elves. As some drinks go around at the shop, heated words lead to a head to head between Silky Johnson and Sellion. The bard slaps the rogue, only to be rewarded for his trouble with the butt of a dagger jabbed into his side.

Tensions high, the party manages to come to an uneasy truce and go shopping elsewhere at a store called the Fur & Fang, specifically searching for a dog for Kavar. After picking out an adorable puppy they move on to locating a cartographer, Fena, who helps them fill in their map a bit more. As they’re traveling back towards the store they teleported into, Sellion and Silky Johnson meet Draz. The trifling cleric offers to heal both of their bruises, for a price.

Figuring they’ll survive the bruises, they deny him but do lead him back to the party that’s finally starting to wind down. The group starts to inquire about health potions, and learn just how expensive healing can be. In trying to haggle down the price they agree to a sponsorship agreement with the shop, and all of their armor is branded with the store’s logo. The discount allows them to buy some antitoxin in case of poisons and they retire to the Frozen Table Enclave.

In the few hours before bed Silky Johnson, Sellion, and Draz all go into the streets in search of some spare coin. Unfortunately for the rogue and cleric, the bard is the only one who finds luck and the only one who returns successful. Draz finds a friend of his, George the gnome, in the bar and talks to him for awhile before going upstairs to witness a discussion about maps and where the party should head next. A plan in mind, they settle down for bed.

Can the party trust Draz? Will they ever reach that mysterious mark on their map? And why is Kobe singing quietly in the back of his throat? Only time will tell on Here Be Dragons!



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