Here Be Dragons

In Which The Party Is Reunited... Kinda

12 March, 2016

When we last left the party…

Floss and Sellion had met Sobran the drow and managed to convince him to help them get a message to Silky Johnson, Kavar, and Aren who have just escaped being killed by a werewolf. The three of them had emerged onto a beach at the base around the back of Waylock Manor and spent time tending to their wounds before trying to figure out where to go based on the message from their elf rogue.

Lacking any real drive to do things while waiting for their party to reach Citin, Floss and Sellion decide to go looking for somewhere to purchase a banner so they can welcome back their party. After an uncomfortable encounter with a female goliath blacksmith, the pair reach what can only be described as a party spilling out from a shop. Investigating farther, they discover a massive shop that almost definitely has the banner they want to buy is in the midst of hosting an opening party. Speaking to the clerk, Braden, and then the owner, the two manage to haggle for half price on the banner they want to buy.

Meanwhile, Kavar, Aren, and Silky Johnson have returned to Vring and search it for some sort of magic circle. They discover a magic shop where an elven woman is using magic to arrange her wares on a shelf. Heading inside, Correen manages to convince them to test out the newly installed teleportation circle in exchange for a free rapier and no cost on the actual teleport. Reluctantly, the group agrees and hopes that nothing will go wrong. A few seconds after entering the teleport circle, they find themselves in another room entirely and Kavar just begins screaming.

The dragonborn’s screams draw a half-elf to the room the appeared in and he demands to know how they got there and who they are. Silky Johnson explains the situation and the man leads them back into the actual shop, revealing a quieted crowd holding drinks. A familiar bird lands on the half-elf’s arm and Kavar breaks into tears as Kobe returns to his shoulder. The dragonborn runs through the crowd, parting it easily and Kobe leads him to Sobran’s home, where Sellion and Floss are waiting, absolutely plastered. Kavar goes right up to Sellion and punches him in the face for leaving them behind. Silky Johnson and Aren stay at the shop and continue to party with the patrons.

Who is this half-elven man and how did he find Kobe? Will the rest of the party approve of Floss? And how will the party work together again after being betrayed by Sellion? Find out next time on Here Be Dragons!



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