Here Be Dragons

In Which It's All A Dream

16 & 23 October, 2016

When we last left the party…

They had just managed to save Aren and Silky Johnson from a swarm of vicious sharks. Giving the two of them time to rest, the remainder of the party and crew return to their jobs. As night approaches it brings with it a sight that none of the party had ever expected to see: Kavar cooking. The large dragonborn, under Gnoki’s expert supervision, has put together an edible array of foods for everyone to enjoy, and rousing shanties round out the night.

Next morning sees the group make landfall, and Thalen’s crew wishes them luck as the party disembarks. Now alone again, the party treks along the river in search of Xubris, the only settled civilization in the desert marked on their map. They hike for the entire day, resting as the sun starts to go down. A strange sound catches their attention however, and they converge on the source to find a strange bird man, a kenku named Fiiggle.

In a less than productive interrogation of Fiiggle they discover that he’s searching for what seem to be dragon scales that match the few that he’s already managed to scrape together from somewhere. Deciding he’s not worth their time, they let him go, but not before Floss sends Bristles, his dog, to follow and report back at the first sign of suspicious activity.

That done, they finally get settled for bed. During the night a thick mist starts to creep across the ground. Drax, Silky Johnson, and Floss are awoken, only to watch as the mist swallows their companions and their camp. As they attempt to find some rhyme or reason to the event a water elemental emerges from the river and attacks them. The three of them fight valiantly, but the foe proves too much for them and one by one they fall to the onslaught.

Kavar, meanwhile, is having a rather strange dream. In it, he’s witnessing dragonborn and dragons frantically ferrying eggs from a massive cavern in some sort of mass exodus. A single egg is left behind, and the bronze dragon from before tells Kavar that soon his time will come. As suddenly as it began the dream ends, and Kavar sits up in a nice bed in a nice building, surrounded by halflings. The halflings assure him that he’s safe and so are his friends, revealing the rest of the party in similar beds to either side of the dragon born.

As each of them wake, the almost too-friendly halflings reveal that they’ve indeed made it to Xubris and were being kept in what was essentially the hospital after their encounter with Grimudur, the dream devourer. Grimudur, according to the halflings, takes the form of mist as he infects dreams and likely that’s what happened to the party. Floss, Silky, and Drax are understandably glad that neither they nor the rest of their party is dead. Discharged from the hospital the party explores Xubris, only to be met by Bristles, who doesn’t seem to be quite himself. He conveys some worrying information about Fiiggle and the party regroups to try and figure out what their next step is.

What did Kavar’s vision mean? Why do all the halflings seem so friendly and helpful? Will Grimudur pose a problem leaving the city? Only time will tell on Here Be Dragons!



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