Here Be Dragons

In Which Kavar Dreams of Dragons

18 September, 2016

When we last left the party…

Sellion was tripping on shrooms and Silky Johnson and Draz weren’t speaking to one another. Late that evening Kavar, Aren, and Floss return. The group reunites and has a brief argument about what needs to get done before they can continue their journey. Eventually they reach an agreement and head to bed, except for Kavar who decides to stay up all night.

A plan in mind, and minus one sleepy dragonborn, the party heads to the docks the next morning in search of a boat headed south since they figure travel along the coastline will be faster. They encounter Maya – captain of the Fiery Waraxe, Jarrim – captain of the Silver Mermaid, and an old friend in Thalen. Figuring they’d go with what they know, they choose to take Thalen’s ship. He offers them passage in exchange for either coin or labor, and they agree. That taken care of and with a few days left to prepare, the group heads back to double check they have everything for the journey and sell the horses since they won’t need them from here on out.

Meanwhile Kavar has slipped into an exhaustion-induced slumber, and he has a strange dream about a bronze dragon. The dragon appears to him and whispers with warm breath, “To the south you are not alone.” Then it disappears, and Kavar wakes to find the rest of the party having returned.

Will everyone in the party actually make it to Thalen’s ship this time? Is selling the horses really the smartest option? What does Kavar’s dream mean? Find out next time on Here Be Dragons!



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