Here Be Dragons

In Which Silky Johnson Almost Buys A Snake

11 September, 2016

When we last left the party…

They’d just been ambushed in the middle of the night by another adventuring group. Thankfully, both groups managed to realize the situation before someone got hurt, but not before a pale white, bony creature appeared outside and forced them to work together. With new friends and more experience, the party finished up their rests and headed down to breakfast.

Over breakfast Draz and Silky Johnson get into an argument, which ends up with Draz slapping the high elf. This resolves very little and they still haven’t made up by the time breakfast ends. Thankfully Sellion breaks the tension with his comically horrendous botch of trying to steal candied fruit from a small child. With the morning shenanigans out of the way Silky and Sellion head to a pet store so Silky can buy a snake to help him pick locks.

Draz and Aren, meanwhile, head to the front gate and sell their healing abilities to anyone interested. They make a few gold, and return to the group later. At this point Sellion, after weeks of not bothering to do so, checks his bag for Morthis, only to find that the sentient tiefling had made his escape. Upset, Sellion helps the other two find the black market, which he later returns to to buy shrooms and get high in his room for the rest of the day. Silky and Draz go the some more respectable establishments and purchase desert gear, only to have another fight. Furious, Draz goes to drown his sorrows in drink and Silky goes to their rooms, tucking Sellion into his bed.

Will the return of the rest of the party make it easier for Draz and Silky Johnson to get along? Is there a downside to taking random shrooms from the black market? Can a snake really be a lock picking tool? Find out next time on Here Be Dragons!



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