Here Be Dragons

In Which There's A Crossover

30 April, 2016

When we last left the party…

They had met a tiefling cleric named Draz who offered to go along with the others. With Draz in tow they went through the town and purchased an antidote and a dog. Sellion, Silky Johnson, and Draz then spent the trying to figure out how to get rich quick, but only Silky Johnson was successful. Retiring to the Frozen Table Enclave, the entire party beds down for the night amid the soft songs of Kobe.

Unfortunately it’s that exact song that seems to have an adverse effect on their surroundings. Aren is first to wake to the sight of three unknown figures arguing above their beds. Moving quickly, he engages the strangers in conversation and manages to wake Draz, but not Kavar. Through an intense conversation they learn that the three strangers are a half-orc named Nicholas, an elven ranger named Raltar, and a dwarven cleric named Hawthuum. Unsurprisingly, Kobe has managed to teleport the three strangers to our heroes and they manage to get a ‘talking bottle’ going so that they can sort out the conversation. Aren manages to wake Kavar and they retrieve Floss for the conversation.

After a reading of the prophecies to get everyone on the same page and a realization that the image on Kavar’s map is the same as the one stamped in the bottom of Nicholas’ prophecies, the large group try to figure out how to get Nicholas, Raltar, and Hawthuum back to where they belong. Raltar attempts to speak with Kobe, who reveals that he teleported the group due to a connection one of them had with Kavar, but Kobe doesn’t know which of the three of them it was. During this time Scooter reveals himself and Kavar becomes rather enraptured with the tiny pseudodragon.

Trying to figure out which of them holds the connection, Raltar sends himself and Nicholas outside to see if Kobe could teleport them back inside, only for the two of them to be attacked. A large, white, gaunt creature with a stinger and flanked by two smaller creatures about Scooter’s size. The rest of both parties arrive and together they take down their attackers. Aren and Scooter both nearly die, but thankfully having two clerics around helps to mitigate the damage. With he sun starting to rise, Nicholas, Raltar, and Hawthuum say their goodbyes and Scooter is torn between staying with one of his kind or going with his friends. In the end he stays with Nicholas and the others, and they head to the Citin branch of DeMor’s to use the teleportation circle there to reach Meclor, and from there Edron.

How will this nighttime adventure affect our adventurers? Will the groups ever meet again? Do their goals converge on the same place? Find out next time on Here Be Dragons!



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