Here Be Dragons

In Which There's Blood in the Water

2 October, 2016

When we last left they party…

They’d managed to secure passage on Thalen’s boat again provided that they simply arrive by the time the boat is ready to depart. Draz and Silky are finally talking to one another again and Kavar had a strange dream where a dragon spoke to him. Horses sold and bags packed, the fated day arrives.

The party wakes bright and early, eager to reach the port and loathe to miss their boat again. They all climb aboard and once underway are given jobs to occupy them. Draz and Floss are tasked with swabbing decks, Silky Johnson learns the basics of steering a boat, Kavar is sent to the kitchens, and Aren delivers messages between the shipmates by his superior acrobatic prowess. Sellion slunk off once on board the ship, not wanting to be put to work.

For the most part things seem to be going smoothly, except for Floss discovering his apparent seasickness. Kavar has made friends with the goliath cook Gnoki in the kitchen, while Silky has befriended the gnome first mate Melli. Disaster suddenly strikes when Aren’s foot slips in the perilous rigging and he plummets to the water. Scrambling, the crew works to bring the boat around while the party rushes to help their friend. Kavar, on his way out of the kitchen, notices sharks in the water through one of the portholes. Unfortunately Silky has already jumped in after Aren, but not before tying a rope to his waist for the others to pull him out with. A fierce battle ensues, a race against the sharks that leaves both Aren and Silky nearly dead as most of the sharks swim out to attack another day.

Will Silky and Aren’s injuries hinder the party moving forward? Can Aren ever live down falling off the boat? Is Floss going to overcome his seasickness? Find out next week on Here Be Dragons!



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